Captain Clean Hand Wash

Captain Clean Hand Wash:

Fantastic hand cleaning agent with moisturizer & excellent fragrance. 99.999% germ killer within no time.

Available in 500 ml. Pump

Food Sanitizer (Peracetic Acid): 

Peracetic Acid is the USFDA recommended disinfectant and most popular in the USA , EU, Canada, Australia and other leading countries in the world.

Proven Efficiency: It rapidly removes 99.999% bacteria and viruses from any food surface with high oxidation potential of 1.81 eV in less than 5 minutes.

Its echo friendly, non-carcinogenic, alcohol free and after 5 minutes breaks down to CO2, O2 and H2O. It’s in spray form, rinsing not required. It can be used on any readymade food items.

Usages: Cleansing of kitchen surface spray on fruits, vegetable, meats, fish, and raw food surface. It can be used for cleansing of dining table, plates, spoons, bowl, utensils, before opening food packets & containers.

All hotels and restaurants can be sanitized by the above-mentioned procedure as it does not change the taste and nutrition value of the foods, after application.